Canadian Eskimo Diamonds

Zimochod Jewellers is one of the few distributors of Canadian Eskimo Diamonds in Ontario. We offer diamonds in any size, quality, clarity or cut.

Each diamond is distinctively laser marked to ensure authenticity of Canadian goods.

Zimochod Jewellers also creates jewellery ranging from simple 2.8 carat diamond rings (top left) to refined 18K white gold broaches (below).

Any of our fine jewellery with Canadian Diamonds make perfect gifts for him or her for any special occasion (Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.)

Our Diamonds are also not limited to a single colour. We can style your perfect piece of diamond jewellery in a rainbow of beautiful colours.

(Left: Blue Tanzanite 5.57c with 14K yellow gold)

(Right: Magnificent Yellow Imperial Topaz 5.30c with 14K yellow gold)

Blue Tanzanite, Yellow Imperial Topaz with 14K yellow gold